Samurai Swords – Factory Made And Handmade Swords Are Different

BladesPro are strongly associated with Japanese history. They were long single edge swords, which evolved in 14th century and we can see them even now in Japanese movies and plays. Many people buy them for martial arts training, while others are just the collectors of these historic items. No matter, what is the purpose, but if you are buying a samurai sword, you must be aware with the difference between a handmade sword and the factory-made sword. Apparently, there seems no difference between factory-made and handmade sword, but they are different.

In factories, molds of various thickness were used to make blades and handles of the swords and later they are painted. Factory-made samurai swords are used for decorative purpose, usually.

When it comes to handmade samurai sword, the process is quite complicated. Steel is repeatedly folded to get the strength for the blade. To get the hardness of the blade, steel is heated with clay, but at the same time it was important to keep the difference between both ends of the blades. Now, they are not used in battles, but they are manufactured according to the same old standards, which were perfect for the war.

The samurai sword should be flexible and strong. In factories, steel is not folded, but that is fine for the decorative purposes. But the collectors of these swords and those who want to buy them for training purpose, should try to find a handmade authentic sword.

If you are paying a high price, make sure you get the handmade sword. Factory-made swords are cheap as compared to handmade swords. Try to judge the strength and sharpness of the sword, it is the only criteria. Apparently, both are same but there is world of difference. Get a handmade sword and show case it in your drawing room.

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