Natural Remedies For ADHD – They Really Work

Human brain is quite complicated and a little impairment can cause some serious issues. ADHD stands for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is usually found in kids but adults can also suffer. The common symptoms in patients are hyperactivity, impaired judgment and concentration issues. ADHD leads to problems in normal behavior, and study at school. Usually, doctors prescribe medicines for the kids, but they are not safe. Instead of these medicines, are more popular and a lot of parents have noticed improvement in the attitude of their kids. Different people use different natural remedies for ADHD, but we are discussing just few here.

  • Fish oil: Fish oil is a rich source of Omega -3 and is prescribed as a nutritional supplement. However, very few people know that it is one of the natural remedies for ADHD. Research shows that when ADHD patients use fish oil, some of the symptoms decrease to remarkable extent.
  • Passion flower: Emotional outburst is one of the major symptom of ADHD patients. Use of Passion flowers has been found quite helpful in this regard. It is more useful when patient is a child.
  • John’s wort: This yellow color flower is known to have good effects on mental health. Many people believe that it increases the number of neurotransmitters in the brain and helps ADHD patients. So, it is considered as one of the natural remedies for ADHD.

These are just the few natural remedies for ADHD. Many people also try alternate medicines like Homeopathic medicines, just to avoid the side effects caused by regular medicines. These natural remedies have no side effects and remarkable decrease in the symptoms is also noticed after using them. If you or your child is a victim of this disease, you can also try some natural remedies. Make sure to use them regularly, if you are looking for results.

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