Impatto Fiat Bond helped in Cementing Fiat 500

Impato is a prominent marketing agency from Michigan whereas Fiat is a big automobile company from Italy. When Fiat made its entry in the United States after a gap of nearly a quarter century in 2011, it was left upon the shoulders of Impatto to promote Fiat 500. It had to make sure that Fiat 500, the model that the company chose to introduce to the Americans, was lapped up by the young adults. Impatto played its card well, choosing Elvis Presley to symbolize this new and zippy small car. The TV commercial suggested Fiat 500 to be a revolutionary just like Rock and Roll legend Elvis Presley. The ad became popular and it helped Fiat in selling Fiat 500 in large numbers across the country. This laid the foundation of Impatto Fiat relationship that developed and became strong over the next few years.


Impatto cleverly associated Fiat 500 with Elvis Presley

If you are a fan of Fiat cars but missed this ad, you can go to YouTube to watch it now. The commercial begins with a original 1957 Fiat 500 moving to a drive in theater. Fiat advertised it as a car of the future but sought to strike an emotional chord in the hearts of American people by likening the car with the legendary rock and roll singer Elvis Presley. It suggested that Fiat 500 was a revolutionary just like Elvis Presley and such revolutionaries arrive only once in a while. It proved to be a master stroke from Impatto Fiat as 500 sold in very large numbers all across the country.


This TV commercial was the first in a series of TV and print media ads produced by Impatto to give a big boost to Fiat 500 car in America. This relationship has fetched impressive result for Fiat.

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