Tips For Buying The New Mattress

The new mattress is the important things and one must have knowledge beforehand. Having a good quality mattress will not only provide us with great sleep at night but is also important when we are awake. As it will provide us with great sleep which will help us in proper functioning during day and mattress can also help in wiping up the chronic health ailments.

Tips And Tricks For Buying The Mattress

If you are in the market for getting the new mattress and if you are having the exact knowledge you can easily get the best product for you.

  • Know your size: while getting the mattress, you must know the size that will fit your bedding. You must stick to the size of mattress that you are replacing. You should think about the current design and lifestyle then go for the shopping of mattress.
  • Must try before you buy: if thinking to buy the mattress online, you should check the recenze matrace before selecting. But if purchasing from the nearby store, you should check that firmness.
  • Ask about the trial period: even trying the mattress in the store, the real test can be done after sleeping for the whole night. For that you must ensure the trial period that must be around 30 days that if any problem arises, you can replace it.
  • Having the budget: you must be clear in your head about the budget in which you have to purchase the mattress.

These all are the basic tips and tricks that will help you to get the best mattress. You must be clear with your choice and have knowledge about the mattress as it will help you to purchase the mattress in a comfortable way. You can also consult the doctor before getting the new mattress.

Sequoia Capital India: Silicon Valley Indian Behemoth

View is the largest venture capital firm in India. The company, a Silicon Valley imitative, has not looked back since its entry into Indian market more than a decade ago. Sequoia has always been known as a VC firm focused upon tech companies. It came to India before the emergence of internet based companies like Snapdeal and Zomato. After a decade, the company is a giant venture capital firm in not just India but the whole of Asia.


Entrepreneurs and bankers in India who have had some kind of association with Sequoia Capital India say that this venture capital firm has a strong research based criterion to pick future winners. They have a knack of catching successful businesses when they are at the early stage of start ups. Also, as they have the backing of their US based parent company Sequoia Capital. This gives them an edge over other VC firms as far as having knowledge of emerging industries across the full spectrum of an economy.


In 2012, when Sequoia Capital India decided to pump money into Practo, it was a very small company with just 12 employees. Today, it is a large healthcare provider with 2000 workers. The founder of Practo, Shashank N D thanks profusely the support and money from Sequoia for the success of his company. He is a graduate from NIT. He says that is was not just money but help and support in fields like finance, marketing, and hiring that lead to such a fast pace of growth of his company.


It is this ability to identify future winners that sets Sequoia Capital India apart from other venture capital firms operating in India. Most of the companies picked up by Sequoia have been winners but there have also been some misses in a long journey spanning a decade.